Book Review: Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino (1972)

236219Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino
My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

You landed in my world on a calm, dewy evening
And struck was I with a song I was about to sing;
A song that lay hidden in the silhouettes of each letter
That protruded from the cover, all poised to embitter.

But waited I, patiently, under the light of the mundane day;
You see, Mr. Calvino, I had a knack of seeing your way.
Fusing the curious with the depth, and peppering them with some humor too;
All too often, you had served, a world that was both fictional and true.

So, on a fine evening, when all your cities rose, at once, to a noisy chatter,
I exited my world and entered yours, as it was now, an urgent matter. Continue reading


Literary Trail: Shakespeare and Company Bookstore, Paris

It is not always that I turn my vacation into literary ones; for one, my companions aren’t always as enthusiastic about books and their allied magic as I am and for two, I don’t undertake solo trips.

But whenever I travel with my mamma, I know I can deviate from the customary and venture into the less-traversed. She understands my loves and my passions, my keenness to sample something that I might or might not comprehend in full. She nods amiably her head at my outings, hopping on trains and stomping on concrete walkways, getting herself tired but almost saying, “I knew you would do this.”.

So, when I happened to visit Paris recently with her, I visited two places I had marked already. Here, I am talking about the first one. Continue reading

11 Unusual Book Stores

Bart's Book Store - California

I love e-books, I do. But ask me this: What gives you the the happiest feeling in your world of reading? And I would say: Reading in my library! Ah! Sinking into my little cozy library, books staring at me with wistful eyes from all around and in a continuous, hypnotic way, closing in on me with a serene vial of magic elixir. The smell of their skins, tantalizing across ages and length. Like a drunkard, I get drawn to a book store at the whiff of its inhabitants and at the sight of their sheets from a distance. Here are some unusual book stores I would love to visit some day! Do you wanna join? 🙂 Head here .